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Group ride fun at Trace Bikes
At some point everyone needs to visit the Fly General Store.
Check out our local trails, visit
Local criterium races at the Nashville Speedway - Music City Crits
Group rides and full moon rides on the Natchez Trace Parkway are always a favorite.
Rules of the road

Group Rides and Events

Club rides happen regularly during the week, with longer rides on the weekend. Weekly ride details will be delivered to members via our Instagram and Facebook pages.  

Need to order your Road ID? Click HERE. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for last minute ride announcements. Some of these events require fund-raising to benefit charitable organizations. Call for further information.

Weekday group rides happen from May - September while we have enough daylight to safely ride. Saturday Group ride will run as long as it's above 40 degrees. All rides are cancelled if it's below 40 degrees, riding at ride start time, road conditions are deemed unsafe, and/or trails are closed.

If you just want to ride, here are a few road routes to get you started:

24.47 miles, 1158 feet

33.48 miles, 1,559 feet

35.26 miles, 1,495 feet

48.22 miles, 2,066 feet

52.49 miles, 2,667 feet

63.49 miles, 3,230 feet

Need to ride your MTB and don't know where? For the latest trail information check out our local IMBA chapter, SORBA Mid TN. If the weather has been rainy, we suggest you check the trail conditions listed on the SORBA website before you head out to ride your mountain bike. Our trails don't hold up well when they're wet and will close when necessary. It's a bummer not to ride, we get it, we feel your pain. But it's a bigger bummer to have our trails trashed because someone rode them when they were too wet.

...and a a few quick tips:
Lights, have them charged and on your bike - especially your rear light. Be a bigger distraction than whatever the driver is looking at. If you don't have lights we keep them in stock all year long.

Reflective and high vis gear is always in style, get you some.

Sunscreen, you'll need it on the Trace, there's not much shade in the summer and it can get pretty toasty out there.

If you're not from the South, it gets HUMID here. Be prepared to sweat and DRINK YOUR WATER. You're going to need plenty of water when riding here in the summer.